Arriving at Sea Breeze

Arriving at our Guest House

Firstly thank you for choosing to come and stay at Sea Breeze. We are a small personal 7 bedroom guesthouse very relaxed and informal. We do provide a Reception presence from 8am until late, however we can welcome you at any time, just let us know when to expect you please.
An early bag drop before you enjoy your day is always possible.

If you’d like to make your arrival time and check-in completely flexible, we have the answer – our door entry system.
It’s simple to use, this is how it works…

Basically you chose 3 numbers – email us your chosen 3 numbers – we’ll email you the instructions as a reminder, but this is how:

Door Entry System | Sea Breeze Brighton

After entering your numbers, walk in the front door, by the hallway lamp you’ll see and envelope with your name and room number.

Inside the envelope is your room key – this key will also unlock both front doors. You only need to use the door entry number system once.

What about our Location and  Parking all your questions are answered here.